Couples Therapy: Continue the Dream

Relationships form the very cornerstone of our lives. We are conceived in relationship, born into relationship, and continue to seek relationship throughout our journey. The sense of harmony and resonance we feel at times with another person, or with a community is undeniably wonderful. Yet disharmony or dysfunction is present all too often in relationships, and can be a source of great distress.

As it turns out, being in healthy relationships is a skill that we can acquire with practice. Perhaps we can liken it to learning to play a musical instrument; we may not always like to practice, but our efforts are worthwhile. The scales and other exercises may seem meaningless, yet over time they help us learn to play beautiful melody. We also know that to become a virtuoso, we need to make a true commitment to our craft. In addition to hours of execution, we must study the musical score, its roots, its story. So too, in improving our relationships, there are everyday practices in communication and connection that are vital to learn. But we must also make the time to understand our own roots, as well as the personal narrative of our partner, for those are the experiences and perspectives we each bring into our relationships.

Working with me, I will help you to learn those basic skills and also to gain awareness about how your own stories impact your ability to be in a healthy relationship (with others as well as yourself). Making sense of yourself, and deeply understanding your partner’s history can help create ease in your lives. Learning how your partner is different than you are, and realizing the importance of honoring those differences, will enrich your time together, enabling you to live in harmony.