We live in a world full of wonder and inspiration, yet there are times when these feelings elude us. What if you could learn how to access that state of mind which feels calm, peaceful, open, and loving?

My name is Dr. Mary Meador. I practiced family medicine for 12 years, and for the past 15 years I have specialized in mental health. While I no longer practice primary care, I am deeply committed to helping people achieve their optimal state of well being. What is more, I am certain of the indivisible connection between our physical and mental health. My experience affords me a unique vantage point, and my practice is grounded in helping people discover and appreciate the unique way we each experience life. I believe in the tremendous strength of the mind, the body and relationships.

Drawing on Interpersonal Neurobiology (the science of what it means to be human), I strive to teach people to understand their inner lives with more clarity, and how to use that knowledge to enhance relationships with others.  This work, with practice, actually changes the physical structure of our brain, allowing us to see the internal workings of our own minds and get off the autopilot of ingrained behaviors and habitual responses. I work with adult individuals, as well as couples; my practice includes medication management when that is deemed useful.

Together, we will work to develop the skills of connecting with your mind, body, and the people around you.