Individual Therapy: Beginning the Journey

“Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.” - Rumi

People choose to start therapy for a great variety of reasons. I believe they all stem from our universal desire for connection. Importantly, that need for connection is with oneself as well as with others.

Whatever brings you here, I recognize it is not easy to ask for help— it takes courage to do so. I am committed to learning how I can best be of help to you; to listen to you and to understand more about you. I recognize and honor that we are all unique, and I will view you with compassion. I believe it is most important that you feel seen and heard in this experience with me.

For healing and transformation to begin, an environment of safety and respect must exist. My desire is to help create that feeling between us. My belief is that with empathy and non-judgement you will feel empowered to explore and discover elements of your deeper core self. While I have many models of therapy that I draw upon, the real work occurs when I am genuinely present with you as you share your story.

My experience as a family physician, and now with a practice limited to mental health, affords me a unique vantage point regarding the indivisible nature of physical and mental health. For the past eight years I have studied extensively in the emergent field of interpersonal neurobiology, and worked closely with its founder, Dr. Dan Siegel. My past experience and current interests inform how we will work together and I look forward to sharing these ideas with you.

I invite you to schedule an appointment and together we can begin this most important work.